Monday, October 8, 2007


Furby basically captures the essence of Burnin at the Bluff 4; what turned out to be my race of pain for the year. Holy godomighty that was tough.
The course was loose and dry rotted, lots of places to go down and char your legs and elbows. I stayed upright for the most part, though my lap times seemed to be a bit hindered from a combination of lack of sleep and fatigue. However, I came around on the second lap, and didn't have a mechanical or flat for the entire race. The consistency helped us get the third place podium.
Yes, Eric trashed his frame, ended up riding three different bikes on three different laps. Word has it that Salsa has already sent him another frame. That is way cool. Salsa is good people.
This is the start of lap two, waiting for Thrasher to come in from his lunch. He turned in a good lap, getting in good position from the start. Glad he has returned to racing and has recently devoted his time to racing again. Of course, he will spit out a few more kids a long the way.
Note, Thrasher in superior running position. Glad I didn't have to do that.
Done with lap one.

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Craig said...

Yep, that was fun. Pretty hot-n-humid for 01/09/2007, though (must be that Canadian camera).

10 laps would've sounded better, but 9 with those mechanicals was pretty respectable.

PS: My kid spittin-out days are done, else I'm gettin' my money back from Dr. Mengele the vas deferens yankin' sadist.