Friday, October 12, 2007

Revenge... for cowards really.

I see no point in it. Revenge is what you do in to retaliate from an offensive move. Often it is in the same proximity, the same time frame of the aggressor. Frankly, the best thing to do is not to sweat things too much, your guard was down to begin with. Remember that revenge is defensive, not as as significant, not good enough, a reaction precipitated by the subject and part of the original casting. To be original, you must be on the offensive.

If you find yourself taken aback, on your heals, seeking revenge instantaneously, you simply honor your subject, giving them a little more control, undue credit for their actions. You'll play by their rules then, their offensive move always in the context of things. You'll make decisions based on emotion, from what was felt from their offensive move. Not a good place to start. Your perspective can be manipulated, a bi-product of good offensive tactic.

Nope, every move, every action taken to provide influence, every ounce of effort needs to be ignited from an offensive perspective. Planning, detail, staging, timing, everything must go in on the front side. The more the better, patience is key. The better planned an offensive attack the more likely the subject will provide a knee jerk reaction to the move. And the knee jerk reaction is what can be the greatest exposure. Don't you really want to expose them?

So put revenge away when you can. Take the hit, dis-honor your subject by ignoring them. There is time. Lots of time.


Craig said...

Dark and mysterious, this one... Only the inner circle will decode its secrets.

Everyone has their weaknesses and sometimes we think we are invincible. Sucks to be brought back down to Earth and proven otherwise.

There is a humbling lesson to be learned. A better man can emerge from the strife and rise above the fray. If he wants to...

Dude, check out Star Wars Episode II ... or the old school Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back).

Nerdy? Hell ya, but the message is clear. Revenge and Hate can only lead you one direction.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

And here I was thinking about bike racing...WTF?

herekittykitty said...

Stay cear of the darkside Luke Skywalker and remember: Karma will take care of it. It's no sleighride when its your turn to be bitten on the ass.