Thursday, December 20, 2007

On Restuarants

So when did it happen? When did full service restaurant chains completely max out as an industry? There are way too many casual themed restaurants. What will come of the real estate?

Someday, when we reflect upon stuff, we might say to each other:

What ever happened to Friday's, O'Charly's or Applebees's, or Ruby Tuesday, or Houlihans, Bennigan's, Damon's, Steak and Ale, or Flaming Pit, or Ground Round, or Old Country Buffet, or Wyatt's Furr's, Luby's, Piccadilly's, Pope's.....They are all of the same ilk. When did the consumer habit of "functional dinner taking" at casual theme full service restaurants cease to be mainstream; the "Applebees" concepts of of the 90's and Y2K?

And then we will talk about how it happened right under our noses, real estate developments and urban re-development projects seeking anchors, amenities for the retail experience, everywhere, in every city, causing the-alignment and/or re-alignment of commerce in our communities, particularly in minor markets, the rampant struggle for market share underway, soon rendered over built and set up for "un-innovation" by food service "managers of the day".

Corporate mergers, acquisition's over emphasis of distribution finance/leverage from suppliers were the cause of it, the over building of corporate restaurant America.

Krispy Kreme, Boston Market...

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