Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Signage Snares Cyclist

Attempting to pass through the NARC area marked private at Castlewood State Park can be tricky. This sign apparently erected and placed in a way to purposefully cause bodily harm to those attempting to connect to Blue Ribbon from Castlewood, or vice-versa, caused me a double take, I lost control--got hung up a tad. Bunny hopping was the only option at cannon speed. Hyeah, I guess it is still January. Upon further inspection the sign clearly indicated to me that there shall be no hikers allowed. Like the rider in the foreground, we must stand clear on the meaning to be that which the sign clearly implies. No hikers. Nuff said.


Mainer Ken said...

Hasn't that sign let go of that bike, yet. It's been a month. I'm so bored waiting for you to update your blog that I decided to create my own. ;-)


Ralph Pfremmer said...


That gadget pulling the trailer, impressive.