Sunday, March 2, 2008

Assorted News

Ok!....never mind (sigh)

Notice the new ride. I know, cliche by most standards, the "burnin" orange has been way played out with racers the like of Crocker, Macnamee, Schuck. Heck I just can't get enough of the beauty. I did indeed do a ride on Sunday. Three hours in fact. I know I am fat, but this is my new weapon. Looking forward to getting my ski belt from around my waist. It has been a hard winter.

These dudes are looking at the plans of the new DelMar Loop Racanelli's. Quite the project really. A new facelift for the loop, a rockin good food joint for Pfoodman Group. Looking forward to having all of my Schalfly drinkers help out with the crowning, as with the last one in Webster. Much more on this later.

This is Hawkins before the meteor hit the house next door. He can't buy a mullet now. Seriously folks, this pic was sent via cellphone from our boy Jim Sullivan. If you look real close you can see the McDonald's logo. I am thinking this guy is going to nail a couple big macs, superdupersizefried.


Mainer Ken said...

Two observations:
1. The kids arms look like the Michelin Man's

2. Mullet Man looks like he used a curling iron on those locks.

Pfood, welcome back.

Craig said...

welcome back blogster, even if it was a more multi-threaded than a Seinfeld episode about nothing.

TeamSeagal said...

I think he looks more like he's wearing pool-floaties around his arms. Where were you for St. Joes?

-C. Ryback

Anonymous said...

It is good to read you once again. Tis also good that you have stepped over to the orange side to experience the subtle but extreme massive-ness that is the new Dos Niner. It should be a welcome addition for a trip to South Korea. Speaking of SK, Rac thinking of opening a joint in Seoul any time soon? I'm telling ya, the list of "meat" toppings opens up greatly for kitchens in SK. I'm being silly. I miss Rac pizza and Schlaffly.
In other news, I rode by a dog farm yesterday on my way to some SEVERE singltrack. In SK the trails go straight up then straight down and 24/7 rock gardens all surounded by pine trees. Life is good and Sweet!