Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hotel Gambling and Dinner

I am not a big fan of sitting at machines, sinking money in, drinking and pushing buttons like a large percentage of my fellow Americans do each day at any number of casinos throughout the country. Hell, yesterday I was in a PetroMart in Terra Hautte and there was a line of draw poker machines along a counter, a very freindly middle eastener at the checkout looking rather dapper. Surely they are there for a reason, I don't even know if there was a pay out, but likely there was. I said "no ted you beddy mud" on the mini casino, paid for my double resces cup and got the hell outa there.

Keno can be played now too, in a bar in Missouri, part of the "lottery". Most of the time, when I find myself at a casino, I actually try and waste the money I have left in order to, yess, get the hell out of there. Not the case in Blackhawk CO the other day.

I had business in Denver last week, one of my senior living accounts. I love going to Denver, because it is an easy flight on Frontier Airlines, the best as far as I am concerned. I usually get the same plane, with the same crew. I also rent a car from St. Louis based Enterprise Leasing, they always have the best looking "just graduated from college and don't want to go to grad school" kids working. Always a good experience.

On this trip I was with Russ Hunt, my procurement guy and Pfoodman family member and big papa guru. Russ is like a brother to me. We really enjoy each others company because we go way back, he is as loyal to me as I am to him. I couldn't ask for a better way to work with someone. I wanted to show him the mountains, as he had never been up there, so we came in a day early and went up to find a hotel and get a "peak" of the snow and mountains.

Well, Russ likes gaming a bit, penny slots, nickel slots, nothing over the top. Who wants to play for more? Not me, not going to waste a ton lining the pocket of the native American casino machine. BlackHawk is an old mining town owned by the indians, quite the spectacle of a place.

I noticed how Russ was playing winning a bit here and there, moving around. I did the same thing, one big on a .02 slot, 21 bucks! I moved over to the nickel slots and next thing you know I have a balance of 278 bucks. I had moved without knowing to the five dollar slots and started hitting. I cashed out and spent a hundred and twenty bucks on dinner. Ah, yes.

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