Friday, April 25, 2008

Going "Ganic"

I am going to term something today; going "ganic". Not the full blown organic that some people think is a way of life, spending more money of foods without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc. Going organic is all in, a bit of a cumbersome task and not feasible for most people, including me. It is unreasonable to try and do that and frankly, I am not all that sold on the concept from a consumers perspective. I am, after all, in the food business and sceptical of trends as it relates to the food industry. Now that I am ganic, I seek to make a change our two soon in how my company can make a slight difference, how my own life can do the same. It is more of a sustainable condition, less harmful to the land and animals harvested, has to do with a better connection to the fundamentals of living. I like that part of it and buy in to that more and more each day. In fact, it has become a part of me, creeping into my thought process daily. Each day I spend a certain amount of my time figuring out my work load, and during that time I create mental checklist of "ganicizms", those things you can do to reduce your carbon imprint or support your Green Initiative.

Ganicizms are simply the handful of things that I do to support my personal Green Initiative. Everyone should have a green initiative, by the way. Have you thought about yours? It is your duty as a human being now. You might soon be scorned for driving that SUV, drinking that bottled water, feeding your kid Happy Meals. Tell me you have no green initiative and most people will convince you otherwise. And the fact that it is "out there" now, that many people are concerned about our planet condition, gives indication of the gradual change that has come about. This was not eating the elephant in one bite, rather small changes, buy ins, initiatives by some who sought to do a little bit better with what they do.

I realize that I am not ready to dive head first in to the waters of total sustainability. Though there are small things that I can do in order to push things in the right direction. For example. The Ruckus thing. I park my car three days a week and ride the Ruckus to work when I can. I rode the damn thing to St. Charles the other day, got cussed at a few times too from people in V8's. My back hurt when I got there and I had a sunburn when I returned. Page had the bridge down to two lanes and I had to cross at 35 miles an hour without a shoulder. Damn!

I shut the Schnucks guy down when he tried to bag my grocery's. I am replacing one type of Styrofoam cup (just one for now) with a biodegradable option at Lindenwood University. I am putting one type of organic sliced cheese into my inventory at all of my properties. I am commuting by bicycle when I can. I am carpooling. Small micro changes that put myself in the ganic way of life.

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