Monday, April 7, 2008

Mountain Bike Squad Getting Burn On

Lots of build up going on right now for late spring and early summer races. We are getting organized and will keep it that way. I wanted to let everyone know that have semi-structured rides, held three times weekly. Wed. Sat. and Sun. But the times and locations will change as far as conditions. We had 7 team members Sunday at Castlewood, would liked to have had everyone interested in making an impact on the scene. BTW, the back of the park is closed and it was a bit crowded on Lone Wolf, all trails.

We will be doing a lot of training at Greensfelder and Chubb in weeks to come, weather permitting. Castlewood drains very well inside the park.

If you want to be on the email list, send me an email at Or check my blog for updates, I will post the locations there, plus other penetrating observations on your stature.

Others on Velo Force who who would like to join in for the ongoing training MTB rides...what are you waiting fer?

The current suspects, Christine, A-lane, Becky, Ralph, Thrasher, Schuck, Gibson, Tieber, Tolke, Hawkins, Ted. Others, chime in, lets get some presence out there as a group.
The next ride will be Wed evening. Location to be determined. Location and/or switch to road ride may be the case at any time.

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