Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1998 5281 E39

Yep, I still have this sleek and classic lady. My wife likes staring down all the folks in Town and Country--the Lincoln Town Cars with plates not quite as low as this one. I have had this plate since Walkin Joe Teasdale lived in the gov manse. Back in the day.

I was thinking I would store it. My wife wants a new car and I don't want her driving this one. Jimmy Valentine, you can't part with your old glove BMW's either....

I bought this car from Johnny Merle of Team Dogfish. Larry Merle, Johnnies uncle, has a couple car lots up in Flo. One of them has a decent stable of luxury model cream puffs like this one. It is just getting seasoned at 150,000. Not worth selling or trading. I think I will store it somewhere.

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