Monday, May 12, 2008

Un-heavy Metal Race Crap

There was supposed to be one bottle for each lap. Apparently I overused.

The race was an absolute bust. Feeling pretty good after lap #1 climb up Lone Wolf, I got gapped from Eric and Brenden on Love behind a bunch of SS and sport guys. Nobody would get out of the way until I basically had to cuss my way by. I knew that Roller Coaster would be my change with the decent at Grotpeter coming soon. I saw Brenden on the fire road on the way down and taunted him a bit. He looked to be hammering pretty good and I had just passed the dude in yellow. I had put too much in to it, as usual and had to back off. The field was not a good place to recover, especially on lap one, no firm ground. I hit the hill again and saw Brenden shoot up pretty quick. I had to back way off to keep from really blowing it. At the top I had to muster up a bunch of go and blew it big time. The decent was filled with a bunch of recovery. I was able to do some damage and passed a bunch of sport riders going in to the grotpeter decent. Then I saw Rich Pierce and a couple others working together in the sport race. I figured I would try and get through them before the water shed and romped it just off the rollercoaster, going wide and....flatting. The first

I had trouble getting he tire to set and must have bitten the tube, I made it another hundred yards before it flatted again. I had some glue and tried my best to keep it from losing any more air, so I could get to the bottom. Rich must have thought I was crazy because I stopped and dismounted right in front of him after passing.

Trying to make up more time, I had to push as hard as I could. Brenden and Jeremy were way up there, Eric was a shoo in for second behind Da-wayne. I lost at least 15-20 minutes. Same spot, front tire this time, no tube. I had to run from the top of Grotpeter to the finish and get a new tube and fix it again, 45 pounds of air goodness this time. I was spent and almost dropped out but thought that it might not be good for the fitness. So I busted out another couple laps, 5 in all, should have had 6 but I lost a good 30 minutes to down time. I am looking forward to getting out there again as fitness is returning. Hats off to Brenden, Eric, Jeremy the others. It was a strong field for the most part.
I like the color bouncing off in the morning.


TeamSeagal said...

hey man, way to hammer it with me on my way home from TC! I made it home faster than I have all year!


Ralph Pfremmer said...

Tanya had some legs. Couldn't believe she was staying on or that you were able to keep the legs spinning like that on a fixie. Nice work, good work out.


Boz said...

Next time sit down 6 bottles, 6 tubes, and 6 Schlafly's. Depending on how the race is going, you've got the tools to tackle any problem. Good race in spite of the wicked string of problems.

Thanks for the brewski.