Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Steed

An 83 trek 300 from 83 pimped by my boy Fatboy at Ballwin Cycles today. Well, he put some break levers on because I was too lazy. Yes, that is a thomson stem custom eno on the rear and front. Campy breaks, flippable SS to Fixie, Hawkins Bianchi fork. Delicious.


Boz said...

At $4.06/gallon for premium UL, that baby looks pretty!!

Mainer Ken said...

$4.06/G for premium? Hell, there are places around Maine with regular above that price. I've got to stop moving to tourist destinations :-(

Nice bike, Pfood. You've got quite the stable, now, as seen in a picture in a fairly recent post.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

This was one of those. I just got it down off the hanger and made it useful, not as a track bike.