Friday, May 9, 2008

Some housekeeping

I love the fact that when engaging others on the Internet it is possible to hide behind your commentary, anonymously, if need be. I choose not to do this for reasons of my own. Keeps things under control, a must for me. And I confess, I have gone on a rampage under disguise before, fueled a fire or two with some flame bait on a message board here and there. It gets kind of boring after a while being a lurker. Again, the magic of the Internet, you eventually find that which is real, after filtering through the garbage. I say dump the inner garbage that keeps you from identifying yourself in all matters that interest you.

An anonymous comment came in that disturbs me a bit from my last post about the Dem's and Pubs. Maybe the writer did not have the time or patience to provide their identity, who really cares? The condescending nature of the opinion is what matters to me. I find it a tragedy that I failed to measure up to or provide the verbal imagery necessary for the reader to approve of the use of the subject of war, as it relates to my report of lighthearted political condition, the way I am comfortable purveying it for now. What, am I supposed to pay homage to the war by a standard? Was I being disrespectful? I did mention the war, and I did say it was a pain in the ass. Is it not? A line item critique of ones work is a bit shallow, based on the little I know and understand about writing and currrent events, for that matter.

Go write your own blog, rant and rave about the atrocities and magnitude of the condition that we are in. Keep tabs on the countless bodies, bloodshed, IUD's, amputees. Create an entire blood log, one that captures the most God awful images you can find. Post it, send it, virtually get it all over the world. Shout from your window your distaste of our government and how they have ruined your life by subjecting us to such Barbary. Stand on the corner bullcalling your way through the lunch rush, your duty as a disrespected reader. Cut yourself off from the rest of the world, raise your family in the underbrush, eat from the creeks and fields a menu of non-conformity. I say that pretty well captures your entitlement and right to free expression, or did I miss something?

By all means, write about it. Find yourself an audience that won't take things too seriously if you want to keep them engaged. Take risks that bend a position here or there. You sure as hell don't want anyone pirating your imagery into narrow minded-ness,

Comprendo my strateg-ery Amigo?


Anonymous said...

I learned a lesson on this one. I should have spent enough time to make a decent point. The points you made were well expressed, and certainly took some time to formulate.

Poor judgement on my part.

Please accept my apology.


Ralph Pfremmer said...

El calvano,
What a great way for me to express on opinion, without your comment, I wouldnt have hammered out that last piece. It was like a good nights sleep, refreshing that I could find that special reason to make a point, the reason for the blog. So the thanks goes out to you.