Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stupid Pic from yesteryear

I am sucking on some coffee when up roles Pirtle in a vint 911 with a mountain bike stuffed in the back, just in time for the cliff cave start in 2002. I suppose somebody thought that it was odd enough to take the picture, but what was funny was watching him shimmy into the tight space right at the front by registration. A crowd soon gathered and said to Merle, " Hey, is that Dewey Farnsworth from The Bogey Club"?


Craig said...

Dang, that was nicer than I remembered it. I thought it was a beat-up dingy 70's model. That is actually a late 80's Carrera 3.2L - very much in demand now.

Well, it was an "arrest me" Red Targa (gag). Gold chains and chest hair are mandatory in those.

Dewey Farnsworth from the Bogey Club - good one... but precisely why you've never seen me show up for a bike ride in mine. If I ever drove anywhere for a road ride, it might work. Roadies are like that.

It seems I have enough enemies in the mountain bike world and my Jeep is much less flashy. I think I need a giant red van - anyone selling one? ;-)

Mainer Ken said...

You got the cash and I'll sell it to you. It fits a lot of bikes in the back.

Anonymous said...

Red, huh? One might feel important in a red Porsche. However, in South KO-Reeee-Uh, a BLACK Hundai demands more prestige than does a red Porsche or any other car for that matter. If one has a black car (even an AMC Pacer) they usually feel no need to stop at red lights or signs and will blast the horn at pedestrians to move, even in the presence of a police officer. OK, the officers here are usually drunk and/or sleeping to avoid the "c" word (conflict). But that's a whole 'nuther story.