Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sup Dawg American

I am thinking Randy is the coolest American Idol panel geek, having Journey and all to his credit. He is a rocker, still a little over weight after stomach bypass, a little strange. He also hangs with the weird gal with the high voice Mariah something or another. American Idol is a part of the family fabric right now and I am counting the days until my Tuesday nights are free and my wife can go about living her life normally, a productive member of conversational society. It will be nothing but Hillary and Obama after the conclusion of this years American Idol. Pass the biscuits please.

We were all gathered around the TV last night, like we have for the past 10 or 12 weeks, we in our sick fashion, awaiting Brooke to get "offed" due to screwing up the beginning of yet another song. I was hoping it was Archeletta who would go, because of a series of lofty boring versions of unrecognizable spiritual songs that his dad chooses for him. If he says the words: "I am so happy" with that look of bewilderment, one more time, I am thinking of making a call to second best cheesy boffo, Tanya Harding, to take him out.

David Cook is the real deal. Look for him to win.

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