Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why? Why?

Finally got Teiber to join us today. Seems he has his kick back and was once again making me chase him up Lone wolf and cursing the sound of youthful kenda on gravel. Uh, hello Mickey, I am Mr. Tubeless. I am your friend.

I suppose I was late, missing Krewit's secret training regimen. I took a jersey and bibs out of the back of my car and labeled it Geezer, just in case the DRJ sends him down to triple A. Paul, your kit is hanging, pressed and clean, when you are ready.

It was thirty minutes before I noticed Shuck was on a single speed. Dammit all, I thought I had him pinned a few times. It is not enough to get him on Roller Coaster and any downhill. His pull away time is a fear factor on climbs greater than 10% grade. He needs a Nancy Kerrigan thing.

What about Matson? I hate that course though appreciate the race, blah, blah, blah. It is on the bottom five Pfoodman's best places to ride list except when doing a tri-fecta and usually I am pissed off at climbing up the hill last. Circles of ups and downs. Since I am still forcing the endurance thing on the fat body, I seem to think it might be a struggle on the bike for 3 + hours. So I am going to Rhett's run and do the Midwest Fat Tire race to seek out the likes of Junior Shoemaker, Dan Clinkenbeard and a couple other homies from the past. I like Rhett's run and I am not in contention with the NORBA series. Shuck sits in 2nd place behind Da-wayne in endurance and Thrasher sits in fourth or fifth in SS. Looking forward to catching up with them in the next few weeks if things keep moving along. I am trying to peak for the Landahl Race in KC. The body is responding to the buildup quit nicely. It will be nice to challenge some fresh blood in Columbia. Hoping to go flat free.

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