Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conversion underway

I picked up one of the Pfoodman van's the other day and I couldn't believe the condition. Note to self, let hourly wage employees drive the vehicles and watch the asset get reduced to a pile of scrap. I had to move some couches for some friends whose kids are going down to Mizzou to study and party for a couple years. The back of the van smelled like roasted meat. Now the couches do too as well as my hair and satchel. It is like that episode of Seinfeld when the valet parked Jerry's car and he couldn't get the smell out. Only worse. I remember dropping a pan of raw shrimp in my wife's trunk one time. That was pretty bad come August.

So I got to looking at the old steed, we have had it for quite a while and frankly it drives pretty well. I have to buy a couple newer vans this fall anyway, so my thought is to paint it and make a team van out of it. Anything would be better than the way it looks now. The Pfoodman graphics have faded, they need to be ceremonially put to rest. So today I am off to Maaco to get an estimate on a cheap paint job. Bauer said he would help me figure out the rest and has started on a design. I need to add some seats, replace some stuff here and there. The main thing is to get the smell out. I am going to make this puppy the outdoor vehicle of the century, a real Wapiti traveling billboard of fun. So I can transport a bunch of Kayaks and bikes and we can carpool to the races across the state, really look like Alpine shop people. This will be a lot of fun. Above is a prototype that Bauer came up with. I am thinking 1500 bucks will make it look like that. Unless Keister wants to donate his primo mobile, that is all I got to work with. More soon.


Yeti Ken said...
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Yeti Ken said...

I think this would make a good team van See Picture

Christine said...

I like that idea! - Christine