Friday, June 6, 2008

Cross Pics

It is early to start talking about cross. But I am still reeling from last years dysfunctional go at re-emergence. I did a couple races and gave it up for the season. A three month hiatus followed, in which I gained about 10 pounds. I have just gotten the jelly off me and will not have it when the 09 Cross season begins this year. Each year it gets a little bit harder to commit and see through the first of 7-10 races each season. We are lucky here in St. Louis to have such a solid race series for cross. But as I get older, it seems the competition gets just that much better.

I am still re-emerging the MTB season right now, having a decent finish last week because nobody was there, is hardly an achievement. Maybe I need blood doping to make my mark.

This week is Landahl and I think I have gotten a couple sLouisons to come up and help me (as Team Seagal would say) snap the wrists of the Kansas City folks.


Yeti Ken said...

Pfood and others, have fun at Landahl. That was always my favorite race venue in Missouri and holds a special place in my heart as it was the first time I ever placed in a real race (i.e. race with more than only 4 riders).

I am jealous that there is a Granny Gear 24 hour race there now. I spoke with Laird Knight (Granny Gear Guru) in early 06 at a winter 24 hour event about the upcoming inaugural race there and he said he was very exicited about expanding into Missouri. I would love to race there again as long as it wasn't raining. I remember how slick the rocks get.

Good Luck.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Slick rock is in moab silly.

Boz said...

Dualing RP's in the cross photo. Banging it out at Spanish Lake's infamous mound o dirt. Love that race and can't wait for cx season myself!

rich pierce said...

I remember that race. We were neck and neck the whole time. That was when I still had some juice. I might bring the yellow monster back to the CX circuit. It's a lightly refurbished Cannondale hybrid with bar end shifters, an incredibly long wheelbase, and plenty of heft. It's at my parents' house in upstate NY right now. I can hope/imagine it might bring back some glory days.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

you still have juice. You know it, I know it, the whole country knows it. Reserect the yellow bird.