Monday, July 7, 2008

Greensfelder Race coming soon

We did a Greensfelder ride yesterday. 10, 10 ticks plucked from my legs. It is the equines. Those nice people and their 2000 pound animals who post hole the crap out of the trails that the mountain bikers build. That is the reason for the ticks. I must say, that usually around now, the trails start coming back a bit from the wet season and their damaging trail rides. As was the case today, for the most part. Except for the armoring that have been kicked away on the water shed areas. Those big hooves come clunking through the low points and basically kill the turns, creating more need for improvement, more man hours.

Lets face it. There really is no way to co-habitat with the horses. They are going to trash out the trails, time and time again. The only way to make sure that we can have access is to turn the other cheek, grin and bare it, bite our tongue, be damn glad they aren't taking away our rights to use. Even if it was we who build and maintain the trails. We need to show up in masses, a lot, to discourage the horses from coming to the parks where the MTB's train and maintain.

I would guess that your average equine doesn't have a clue as to how bad the damage gets in certain situations. They simply run over the trails, create switchbacks and walk arounds wherever needed. They leave their poo everywhere, which gets in my fingernails. I like it especially when the trail has become too damaged for them to even take the horses on the trails. Sooner or later they create so much damage that they quit coming to that particular trail and move to over-use the others. Until somebody fixes them.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right. They must not realize how much damage they're doing, and it must not bother them much to slop through a ruined trail.

The "new" sections of GF are pretty much destroyed by horse traffic.

I can't see the GF race using any of the new stuff.


TeamSeagal said...

Fucking equestrians. Ever seen a low-income equestrian?

See ya at the short track...

-C. Ryback

Anonymous said...

You freakin' bikers ride down the middle of the freakin' highway so us "low income equestrians" have to drive 5mph. PLUS... they spent millions on all those damn trails in wildwood so you pedal pushers can continue to drive down the the middle of the road like your in a motorized vehicle. Give me a break you freakin' tree huggers!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I know hundreds of low income equestrians. If you think ticks are only in wooded areas where horses have been then you obviously haven't heard the Brad Paisley song..."Ticks".