Monday, July 14, 2008

Short Track and other Race Stuff Week 4

Just returned from sun and beaches and frolicking active lifestyle people on the West Coast. I must say, the riding out there is limited to 30+ masters poseurs riding 5000 dollar road bikes in full/TOF kits. I think most of the riding begins at the coffee shop in Manhattan Beach. With the exception of being able to rent a 900 dollar road bike from a tri-shop, I was not able to find a decent rig, so I didn't. I found some single track on the PV, but even there, it was mainly fire roads. Instead I found myself running a long the bike path on the Esplanade, like all the other pretty people, smiling, waving, repeat.

Music freaks, I did run in to Chris Daughtry while listening to a street performer across the street from Skechers Corporate office. Seemed to be a real nice guy, with his daughter. If you look real close at all those pretty people, you can spot a celebrity or two. We couldn't get him to play with the dude, but he is often seen around town doing just that.

It goes without saying that we are off to a good season with the Short Track races. After race 3, where we had nearly 80 riders, it seems we are on to something in regards to building the community a bit. And that is the purpose. Let's get more people involved, build the off road community and get people in shape. The Short Track series was designed for that. So you can have a plate of guiltless ribs after running your heart rate up to 190. Yes, that is the ticket.

You can count on Pfoodman/Wapiti to be around next year, promoting more races, more events related to active lifestyle. We are commited to "out of the box" thinking when it comes to race and event promotion, looking to build more active lifestyle communities throughout the state. BTW, I noticed we had a couple adventure racers at the slop fest on week 2. We should put on one of those. Now that I have running legs, I may give one of those a go soon.

Race #4 will likely be in the back of the park this week. We have had a lot of favorable comments on the front course, but now it is time to shake it up a bit. Drafting will be at play, and sprint finishes are going to be a factor, Short Track should have as part of the dynamics. There are still a couple roadies that we would like to see. This next course should make for a roadie draw.

We are also gearing up for the finally on week 6, awards, swag, food, drink, music, Pics. We will have stuff for anyone who participated. Bring the families out for the shindig.


Craig said...

How bout some hotties to serve beers?

I will be consuming mass quantities this week and cannot open a can with one hand :-)

Yeti Ken said...

First...what did you do to your hand? aren't even close to being in the same league as me since I've been opening beer with one hand since I was about 16.

TeamSeagal said...

Man, I can't wait for the last race. Won't be able to make it this week, as it I've gotta work and rest for the Shawnee Mission 3/6 hr on saturday!

This is a great series, man!

-C. Ryback