Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wapiti News (Want a Shirt?)

So let's review, we have a little business called Wapiti, where we are involved with event management and breakthrough outdoor experiences; active lifestyle at the forefront, lots of wellness influence. In tandem with Wapiti's development, we recently rolled out a program called Wild Thyme's Wellness for Campus Hospitality Services, a new brand exclaiming our mission to change the world through active living and good nutrition..through kids. We are really on to something because the darn phone keeps ringing for us to present proposals for audiences wanting a change from the status quo of food sourcing.

Wapiti has grown legs recently because of our evolvement (involvement) in this cause. As a creative means to further our exposure, Wapiti will now include organizing and promoting events related to health, fitness and nutrition. Our most recent endeavor has been to promote the 2008 short track dirt crit series for Team Velo Force, my cycling team.

Pfoodman is the primary sponsor of Team Velo Force, with over 35 elite road and off-road bicycle racers throughout the region. I think the team has been around for a long time because Craig Farrel isn't looking any younger and neither am I for that matter. This is my 5th year on the team. We are looking for new sponsors for next year for the whole shindig. I took one of the old catering vans from Pfoodman and plan to put a bunch of stickers on it, make a bunch of T-shirts from time to time, order a bunch of Cow Bells, have a BBQ or a couple dozen BBQ's. Yep, mow we will have a race wagon, yeehaw, able to carry 8 bikes and 2 yaks, and lots of supplies. A good thing since soon marks the rest of the Mountain Bike race season and the van, when completed, will serve as a mobile home base.

Oh yeah, if you want a free "Got Wapiti?"t-shirt, come to the last Short Track Dirt Crit race at Casltewood State Park on July 31st. We also have Wild Thyme's t-shirts, simply email me and I will set one aside fer ya.

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