Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cyclwerx Crankfest

Dern, this is always a tough race. I can't remember the last time I felt such a fitness hangover after a race, likely my first beginner race back in 2000. The body is hurting, but I was quite pleased with how it is coming along. It was great mixing it up with Little Buddy, Scott Mortimer and Kankles. Freaking Kankles busted me up pretty good. I couldn't quite bridge up to him in the 5th lap. Thanks Scott for keeping me in the game and encouraging me when you came back, Albert, always a pleasure.

Most the big guns showed. Over 20 in the Pro/expert class. Brezlin won it, that dude is way fit. So are the rest for that matter, though he was the only big gun to come around me near the end of the 5th lap. I hate that, but since he podiumed at Nationals this year, I guess I can take it. Ploch looked to have had a bad day, not usually the case as he "usually" laps the field as well. Wes looked great, John Rhines in 2nd.

Mikey yardsaled it on the warm up. Gosh darn that looked like it hurt. He ended up with a very strong 14th. The Pfoodman dug up a 13th place, pack fodder representation. But I will take it.

The quest for fitness will be in the area of finishing up the rest of the Mountain Bike Series races, getting ready for Cross and training with the Lindenwood Team. These teenagers will have some hammer to hand down to the old guy. But I will respond if things keep heading in the direction. Seems they forked out quite a hurting on the locals with a state championship and some 1st place finishes today at the State Track Championships. Bravo Nick and Darren for putting together such a good team.

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