Friday, August 22, 2008

Iron Barley

People, do the right thing. Get down to Iron Barley and experience this place. I am telling you right now, no other place like it. Yep, it sucks driving your big ass, gas guzzling SUV all the way down to South City, Bates and 55, from your West County Manse. To be honest, it is worse coming back on 44 with the skinny lanes at midnight, you are usually in bed by 10:00.

Take a break from corporate restaurant America, go see (voted best local chef) Tom Coghill and his Oak Roasted goodness. Music 6 nights a week. Tell him the Pfoodman sent you.

Last Saturday was Iron Barley's Tomato Ball, a special event, out back with the live rockabilly. Tom and his signature Guinness Beer (genetically attached) cooked dinner out of his makeshift kitchen. The food was spectacular and served with the kindness that one would expect from such a unique host.
Tom, above, Guinness, above. He has you come right in the kitchen, smell that oak.
Our bartender later joined the band and played the spoons, where in the hell else can you get your bartender to play the spoons? Iron Barley only.
Check out their website and watch their commercial.


CockPuncher said...

Hey Ralph-

That place is awesome. In case you are unaware, your bartender was none other than Fred Friction, former proprietor of Frederick's Music Lounge and host of KDHX's "Fishing with Dynamite" heard Thursday's at 10:00am....Chris

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Well what do you know? I knew the dude was "somebody". I should have gotten a t-shirt.

The name of the kick A band was call "Rum Drum Ramblers".