Friday, August 15, 2008

Lester's and Goodwill

It won't happen too soon, Lester's opening up the street from Casa Pfoodman near Clayton and Baxter roads in West St. Louis County. The irony, is that it is right next door to the new Goodwill Store. Now now ain't that some schnizzle?

I wonder about Hutkin Developments index model for retail centers. A Goodwill Store next to a Lester's next to a Blockbuster seemed like a stretch before I put my conceptualization brain lobe to work. I'd bet you didn't know that this new Goodwill Store is going to feature the beloved diane k. collection? A Chris Farley "latifriggin-da" might be in order for you dudes. I can't say that I have ever heard of Diane Katzman before now, but the St. Louis based company is downright mad with growth and a big hats off is in order for the local designer.

So if Chesterfield is considered high income according to Hutkins site. What is the deal with the Goodwill Store? I suppose even the affluent need a good flannel shirt at below cost to suffer through the winter. It might be that its a good thing that Mom will now be able to shop Goodwill while the kids peruse the CD selections at Blockbuster while Dad pounds 24 dollar corn beef sandwiches and multiple pints of those scrumptious IPA's. I am thinking the demographics are a little off cue, but hey, Lester's is coming.

You should already know what Lester's is about. If you havn't been there yet, go to the one in Ladue for a preview. Solid food and drink, good prices, TV's, good service. I love this concept and truly wish them great success on opening many more in the future.


BLM said...

Yeah.... that's a hot spot for a bar. It's obvious by the 3-4 that have opened and closed at that location in the last 9 years.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

I slurped a root beer there once.