Friday, August 1, 2008

Short Track #5

It don't get much bettern that. The pictures prove that Mountain Bike Racing is alive and thriving in St. Louis, as seen each week at Castlewood State Park in Ballwin MO. Men, women, kids, over 60 riders each week show up to give it a go. The short track races are timed circuit courses, spectator friendly, and quite competitive as seen in last nights B and C race, in particular.

We, Velo Force and a group of buddies with broken bones, decided to take on the race series this year. My first stab at promoting and course set-up. I am used to event management so it comes naturally the timing that's needed, or concept of timing. You know, it ain't all that hard. Dave Ploch handles all the secretarial duties, Buddy, Larry and Bill have totally handled the scoring as officials. What is left is putting together a group of volunteers who don't mind spending an early afternoon in the park driving in stakes and using whatever creativity on course design. Next, we have to have food and...beverages. This has been a really, really good time had by all.

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patchkit said...

Thanks Ralph and crew. Great job.