Sunday, September 7, 2008


Thanks Bob and Sunset for putting on a good race on a very good course. The DRJ always delivers a good race, extremely good competition. Even better was seeing ole Dave Ploch walking again after surgery repairing his achilis tendon. Friggin elephantiasis or what? The good news is that the doctors said he will recover to full downhill majesty.

I wish I had enjoyed this race more. For crying out loud, I have trained out there for two weeks an all. I got a flat on the root dip/creek on the first lap and had a hell of a time getting it fixed, by the time I got back to the lot to boot it, it was pretty much over. I should have gone ahead, thank you very much B.I.G and Zack, but I was thinking in terms of my knees which have been bothering me a bit as of late, yes, I bailed. So the seven laps might not have been ultimately groovy in the bigger picture, which is the Cross Races and some other stuff I had planned. Bottom line, I should have jumped back in because Scott Mortimer and the other Mesa dude, and others all flatted too. So kill me.

Hey, Thrasher was back, and did quite well on his home course. I wish he would quit leaving all of those gu wrappers out there, embarrassing to take a brow beating from the promoter. If the dude had an ounce of profundity....Regardless, he rocked, took 4th in the SS class, just back after a broken hand suffered at the Dirt Crit Series, which is concluding on Oct. 5th, btw.

Scuck did very well too, 11 laps???? Holy crap. That is some serious damage on some serious singletrack with over 3000 feet of climbing. Pretty cool.

Mike Tieber, flat, came back and rocked, not sure of finish but he is on fire now. Looking forward to getting him up to magical form the rest of this year and next. Mike Gibson, first race back from two broken wrists and a dislocated hip. He did extremely well and will soon be taking the podium. He broke a chain, btw, and jumped back in, but I did not.

Becky Cato took 2nd in her usual display of incredibility. Way to go Becky. Saw Pauli in a Wapiti kit, Jeff Powell looked real strong, flatted, jumped back in, I did not.

Thanks Jeremy Meitz for the pics.


Anonymous said...

Get a load of those guns on Ralph!

What kind of "vitamins" are you on?


Ralph Pfremmer said...

It is the coffee

Zak said...

your knees?

what abou the gash in my knee I could hide my spare change in?

Natalie Pfremmer said...

You should do a blog about me and mom :)

Justin Pollnow said...

So did you pose for that picture after your DNF?