Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I will do

I was talking to Kevin the Bald guy last night. Just after a happy hour meeting that left me with only a stomach full of fried onions and spinach dip. I hate this. Since making a commitment to actually placing in mtb races this season, I actually have to eat right, and with more regularity. The Guinness and chips didn't quite put me into form. Dammit man!

So I got on the scale this morning, to weigh myself, again, and wtf? 198 pounds, ahem, empty. Now, I was able to get down to 188 in 2003. See picture above with my father Ralph. He had been quite sick but made it out to Rhett's run that day to watch me get slaughtered in the state championship. If it looks like I had been hit by a bus, that is what I felt like. Sorry ladies, for the camel toe. I am thinking I was too thin and look like hell.
It seems I am hitting on all cylinders but weigh 10 lbs more than when I was struggling to be in the sport class. I would love to be able to climb like a "buck forty five". Shoot, I gotta work harder than all those little guys.


Stanley Crocker R.D.,L.D. said...

Same here. I'm 10 up on my previous wts. Life, a growing social network, working with food all day, it all scampers around our feet and trips us up.

I ate dog today. It's not so good.


Marcus said...

Rhetts was my first race after 9 years of not riding, it beat me like a red-headed stepchild. I finished after the awards were given out. I hope you fared better. A horrid deskjob and stressful living of the last 2 years have me not riding and 50 lbs heavier than I was when I was racing. It's not a good change.

Anonymous said...

One persons fit is another one's fat.

It's all relative, that's for sure.


Boz said...

As I sit, I'm at 204 and that's about 9 higher than my lightest weight, albeit 56 pounds lighter than my former 260#. I've got the middle aged gut, but I'm about as fast as I ever was. If I can let go of my vanity, it's even worse for the kids I beat when I tell them I'm twice their age and they see the gut!