Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who sent this?

Below is an email that seems to be floating around out there. I post it here to clear up a little confusion. I hope you all like what is brewing (coffee, get it?)

Ralph, can you give us the skinny on your coffee house concept we heard about?

Well, since you asked, but we are still early in our planning....

The Lone Wolf Coffee Company: Active Food and Folk. Dude, Colorado style means "no worries" attitude. It's a Coffee House and Cafe to be introduced in affluent West St. Louis County on Clayton Road near Kehrs Mill in Ballwin/Chesterfield. It will ooze active lifestyle, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, orienteering, kayaking, running, multi-sport. We'll serve our own private label coffee from a custom roaster using the best coffee in the world. Menu items will include wraps, panini's, soups, salads, scones, sweetbreads, bagels, and always a "Wild Thyme's" feature (power foods). Cyclists passing by on Clayton road can grab from a selection of energy drinks and hydration products. We will have a in house PA system for acoustic music at times, cool as folk music programing, a meeting room and lots of local characters to hang out with. There will be an indoor, yes, indoor bike rack, a small "community outfitter" for self repair and parts, other "leg up's" to help move people in to active living. There will be a communication board, TV's, did I say interesting people? It is a reflection of my lifestyle and commitment to active living.

What's up with the name Lone Wolf?

The Lone Wolf is the name of a very steep hiking and biking trail with a panoramic overlook of the Meremac River Valley in Castlewood State Park, also in West St. Louis County. I am quite fond of this trail for many reasons. First, because it has some sweet single track found nowhere else in the state, the place is my Country Club. Second, I did my first mountain bike race there in 2000 and subsequently got my life together after years of over indulgence. I embarked on a healthier and more active lifestyle with a complete wellness re-invention. Yep, my encounter with The Lone Wolf afforded me increased confidence and determination, personal and professional; better life fulfillment and entrepreneurial success. I pretty much owe my life to that experience.

So you didn't always shave your legs?

What? No! The trails nasty climb forced me to push my bike (and my then 240 lb frame) to the top of The Lone Wolf no less than three times during the two hour race. I finished exhausted yet exhilarated. I was alone out there, nobody to help me get through it but a distinguishable presence on that trail that kept me from quitting. I eventually continued on to the finish where lots of people were feeling good and having fun; pretty much what my life consists of now. This is one of five concepts that I am developing for use in retail and institutional settings in our restaurant company, Pfoodman. BTW, the human interest is 100% factual.

Where is it located?

It will be right next door to our new corporate office which we call Pfoodman Foodworks, an off premise catering operation where we produce meals for private k-12 schools under the Pfoodman companies Wild Thyme's Wellness brand.

Foodworks will connect the corporate headquarters of Pfoodman and The Lone Wolf Coffee Company. The entire operation will be in the former Zhivago's Russian Restaurant space. Call me if you have questions

Ralph Pfremmer aka "Pfoodman"



penny search stock said...

very cool.

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you just use the word ooze, as in, "to ooze" I think you've lost it. The only thing that oozes is cool Frank Sinatra.

Yeti Ken said...

Dude, did you just use the word Dude?