Monday, November 17, 2008


My gad what a nightmare. I was thinking on the second lap that it would be my last. Not my last lap, rather my last race of the season. I had nothing. Not sure why, wasn't sick, wasn't over indulgent on Saturday night, I just sucked. But, I finished, letting Scott get by me again, and Boz with a hellofa gap. I am not sure it was a big guy course. So says Rich Pierce. I will take comfort in that. Though few courses are big guy courses. Except for Crits.

I am pretty sure the SS Saturday ride was the reason for not feeling my legs. Regardless, I still need more fitness.

Nope, I will weather through my less than stellar performance to see another day of cross. I will say that there was suffering amongst the entire group yesterday. So that is cool.


Anonymous said...

next week is a stealth cross. dress in black and black camo on you face.


Casey Ryback said...

Way to keep pluggin' away Buddy, you were in the smack in town square of Suffer-Ville. Watching you go past, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have even noticed if Sasquatch had been on the side of the trail playing a trumpet.

Boz said...

Keep your focus, brother. We'll suffer together. Makes us stronger and the beers colder!

Anonymous said...

That was tough going indeed. I consider just finishing that hour from hell to be a victory.


Anonymous said...

i hope you fall ha ha