Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready, Fire, Aim

Yes, we open in the morning. Lone Wolf Coffee Company that is. I went out to Sam's and bought a pancy "open" sign to show all that we are actually open. We have been turning a lot of folks away lately. Hope they come back when it is game on. The outdoor lights have not shown up yest illuminating the Lone Wolf Sign. So the blast your eyes out open sign in the window will have to do.

We did have a bit of an opening engagement the other night, recognizing Jay and the plumber, all the employees and yes, Lewis Greenberg was in the house. We had baddass Drew Raskas, that 17 year old prodigy guitar player leading the jam. He will likely host the weekly Thursday acoustic jam, for those interested in playing. Peter "Cornbread" Cohen of was there with his amazing 4 year old son playing the harmonica. Peter is the manager of our band, The Marital Aids. Yes, yours truly butchered a song or two as well. Natalie decided she would make her debut with some of her "pretty" music. I tend to stay with the blues maself.

Got two rides in this weekend. Heard Dewaye "I am Dewayne Gazinski" Gazinski did a triple Berryman today. WT...

Shout out to Bobby DRJ,and his banged up shoulder. Going under the knife next Monday, that is uncool. Heal quick.

The Big Shark Roadie crew makes an appearance every Sunday at Castlewood, bye the bye. The Sprogues put the hammer down quite nicely. But of course, I missed the ride today because the Ranger Cop saw fit to give me a ticket for expired plates. I missed the ride time because of it. Yep, wouldn't even let me out of the car for 15 minutes while he checked my record. Had my ass right there, cherries going off in the middle of the lot. I'll bet everyone in the entire mountain bike community saw this spectacle. Anyway, I am making a 100 dollar donation to backstoppers in his name to try and ass kick his shity karma for treating me like some kind of felon, like he didn't know me, like he couldn't remember me helping him carry that dude out on a stretcher a while back with the dislocated ankle. Or the other times I have worked to restore damage or maintain the friggin place. Hey, they were three months perished, my tags. He tagged me for 83 bucks.


Anonymous said...

Seriously - you got a ticket at CW for expired plates from the ranger? Same one that gave Eric a lecture?

You know I want him to be a HA on the kids that fly through there at 40mph with windows down and funny smelling smoke coming out but I don't think you fit that mold. Sounds like he hasn't figured out how to tell good guys from bad guys yet.


Anonymous said...


I never knew what the Pfoodman thing was about so I googled it yesterday and found this site. You and your company stand for some good things. Healthy active lifestyles and good food. Hope your new coffee place does well. I will stop by some time soon. Sorry your ride got screwed up yesteday, it wasn't anthing personal.

P.S. Just don't hock one in my coffee!

Craig said...
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Ralph Pfremmer said...

Justin, now worries. It was not a personal thing at all. More embarrasing than anything else. You were just doing your job. Craig Thrasher is the one you need to arrest, just for the hell of it, he and anyone from the DRJ team, and Eric's little car was sideways when he came rolling in, I saw it, prison time for him.