Thursday, February 19, 2009

Those Crazy Equines

My lord, this little diddy came across the desk of "that who will remain unmentioned"--a supporter of the right thing to do as is relates to horses and access to certain trails. There is a militant faction out there, trying to gain access to trails that are built and maintained by the active living community: (hiking, biking and trail running). The horses are certainly a part of our unifying the mixed use aspect of our mission. But this email pretty much says be the judge.

House Bill 250 Use of Public Lands Bill has been read twice and now has been sent to the State Parks and Waterways Committee for a hearing on February 19, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. The sponsor of our bill, Representative Larry Wilson, has asked us to provide written statements on why we want access to trails. The bill would give us the same access to trails that hikers and bikers enjoy.

These statements can be a paragraph or two in length and must contain the writer's full name and address so that the district the writer is from can be determined. The short turnaround time is, an attempt to cut us off.

Please send this request out to the WHOAA network and STRESS that I need their trail statements by this time tomorrow! Please e-mail your responses to me at jdoskal@ no later than 9:00 tonight.

Successful passage of HB 250 could give us the KATY Trail to ride and Rockwoods Reservation and the Al Foster Trail among others. If you care about trails...this is your opportunity to be counted.

There is a new superintendent at Castlewood State Park. This bill is our opportunity to settle the question of our access to trails BY LAW!!!


Fenton James said...

i told you that the poop makin' machines owners would be a problem and try to force access issues.

Anonymous said...