Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well now

That's right. Two days in a row, nothing but hills. Shuck thought well enough of the wind to take off on the first 200 meters dropping the group of "1st road riders of the year". I covered most of his breaks but found my "14 pounds lighter than last year at this time" dragging on the last climb. All in all around 5000 for the weekend. Hey Eric, eat some gravy. 157 in February is gay.

Ploch joined us today. Mark hipped me to his yearning to ride and I caught him stuffing pizza 20 minutes before ride time. We didn't get out until 230 in the afternoon because Thrasher had to get out of bed and all. I didn't try and attack today, rather keep pace with the tempo and then suffer through the climbs. At one point I told Eric and Chris, while coming up Bouquet "Thrashers off". And damn if I didn't find myself apologising. Thrasher has a lot of power this year. Last years season and stable base fitness through the season seems to have helped us.

As for Ploch, Bobby came swinging around us just before the Allenton Loop. I was thinking he was watching us the whole time, waiting for me to slap a Lone Wolf sticker over the DRJ logo on Chris's butt.

Oh, litte buddy has one of those "I love my new boat" crockpot things going. Mark, if you miss out on your Mr. January training, the spring will be your busy season and then you will be pissed that this fat guy is wasting you on the hills again. Just my thoughts.

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Boz said...

Go ahead and get all your good rides out of your system. Come this fall I'm going to beat you like a rented mule. How's that for early season smack talk!