Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where is Lewis?

Got to work this morning and found Lewis's car in the lot. But no Lewis. There are times when I banish him to the "soapbox". An area at Lone Wolf where conversations are safe, oratory presentations of all kinds are opined and it is understood that, sometimes, ideas get exchanged, regardless of the perceived appropriateness of the topic. I checked there, around the stage and near the music instruments that the jammers use, but no Lewis. Anyway, can you spot the Pfoodman sticker?

This is weird. Lewiscar abandoned in front of Lone Wolf. No sign of Lewis.

We had a conversation once about how he got kicked out of Starbuck's (name a location), for bringing his bike inside. There was a pizzing contest of major proportion if I remember correctly, that evolved into a personal laying out of his "art" on the barrista. I must have come in at this time and, since he had a flat tire, tossed him a patch kit on the way to my latte.

Since then we have been friends. I am never a subject of his flamethrowing (art), rather a pulp seeker, trying to get the message and keep things in perspective. At Lone Wolf it is written that Lewis Greenberg is the only one in the City of St. Louis proper who can bring his bike in to the restaurant, which he refuses to do, based on the respect and unconditional understanding that has evolved from our first encounter. Something can be learned from this, a common theme.


JeffB said...

A Clutch sticker?!? I didn't know they were still around. . .

Much respect.

Fenton James said...

alright ralph, where you hidin' him?

Anonymous said...

We need another Lewis update. Tell me a good story from the courthouse.