Friday, April 10, 2009


Now there is a good example of divisional overtone; again the essence of the issue. And not to single you out, but there is an overall tendency to put words in other peoples mouths in regard to whether it is right or wrong, who is supportive or non-supportive, art or no art, right to display or no right to display. I stay away from these things, so I don’t fall in to the abyss with the rest of the community taking the low road. The low road power comes from what has taken place in the past. I feel this is moot. I don’t live in the neighborhood, but I can tell you that I deal with Lewis daily, likely moreso than his neighbors, and I choose an unconventional route.

It has become an enlightening experience knowing Lewis. The fact is, I can have a conversation and things usually go pretty well. I listen intently for ways to help keep him on track so we can exchange ideas. Frustration on my part is not an option. I have to keep this in mind if I want to “get” the gist of the dialog. It is my choice and my responsibility to accept this method, if I want to engage him. But I “understand” this about him, because of his qualities.

For the record, I did not mention the words "backing down", or "unwilling to compromise" or where to "stand" (check it) in relationship to Lewis or his neighbors. I didn't imply it either. I simply pointed out that, regardless of why, the conflict is there and (it is my opinion) that if you want to deal with Lewis you better, and I’ll quote: "understand" how he processes information, "understand" how he reacts to influence both positive and negatively, "understand" that he is (still) a human being with many personal relationships (not to be confused with the term “supporters”) who choose to enroll objectively in an effort to help sort things out when communicating. This is the new way, unconventional as it may be. Because we know that behind the anger and the conflict lies a unique person who possesses the core goodness found in all of us.

Regardless of how it started, no matter how convoluted the story is or becomes, we (the community) are in the midst of a journey that has evolved and unfolded in the front yard of White Picket Fence America--that which Lewis appears to challenge the 1st amendment and tolerance. It may not have always been the motivation, but he has always been an artist who displays his art.

I will be doing a video soon and will continue to write about it on my blog. This, prior to The Learning Channels documentary entitled “Neighbors”.

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Fenton James said...

Ballwin in the future....

cyclists won't be able to ride thru. their skin tight, brightly colored spandex offended somebody.

The local church will need to remove it's cross because an atheist was offended.

fat people will be cast out, because thinnies don't want them debeautifying their society.

living in a world where all is the same would be a scary and dull place. there wouldn't be anything different to add any spice.

lewis is the hot sauce in an otherwise bland chili