Friday, September 18, 2009

Trailnet Active Living Awards

First, I am so not turning my car on today. Not after last nights inspiring event put on by our towns local active living advocacy, Trailnet. It was the second annual Active Living Awards held at Alberici World Headquarters. You can't miss the place, it has a wind turban and the front yard needs a mowing.

I mentioned to Janie where we were going as she fidgeted with my phone, texting my kid why we were gone, and why she would have to seek out her own porridge for the evening. When she looked up she commented on how the grass and landscaping should be better taken care of, not impressed. She didn't realize the sustainable nature of the place until I yanked the electronic POS out of her hand and made her pay attention to that which is one of St. Louis's most interesting buildings. Take time to attend an event there if you can. It reminds me of the future (if one can one be reminded of the future). Like Westworld or something.

We entered the awards and were greeted by Dave Lauber. I am proud of Dave. It has been a tough year for all causes and Trailnet likely faced just as many challenges at a time when giving has been limited. Ann Mack, back from a bout with breast cancer, a story of perseverance in itself, seemed healthy and most concerned about re-attaining her fitness on the mountain bike, bravo to you Ann! Dave and Ann get my vote for overcoming the most adversity, and a shout out to them is in order. This without an ounce of negativity due to the recession. Trailnet is not a negative group, always looking down the road for what could enhance our communities active living presence.

I was there to clap Mike Weiss into his much deserved Tom Yarbrough award. And I was amazed at several things there while socializing and enjoying the catering of Pfoodman's Chris Lupo. Again, Chris, fabulous job. You always come through. By the way, it was Chris who handled all of the lunches for the Tour of Missouri as well, and the Pro Women's event at the Residence Inn. A big round of applause for a dude who I consider more of a brother than an employee. Thank you Chris, for helping Trailnet enhance their event. Pfoodman was mentioned several times during the evening. Chris, your efforts are equally inspiring.

Second, I had never seen Mike without a hat on, or Hammer, or Bill Martin, or John Richards, or most of the chicks there too for that matter. I hadn't seen anyone with a tie on, not in this setting. I was absolutely amazed at the room, bursting with over 200 people, all there in the spirit of active living and the advocacy that plays such an important role in defining what our city can become. Mike said it best when he received his award. "Why not do it here?". Mike, because of you and the others, we are on our way and never have we had the momentum like now. Hat's on to you dude!

Kinder is a hoot ain't he? Hey P, we don't care if you're an R-pub. Lets face it, there are a lot of business men bucking up to the causes out there and Pfoodman is one of them. Yep, we support anything in regard to active living, including the Tour of Missouri and a slew of others. Name it, we help. So lets be real here, without a little less gov. and a little less bureaucracy, we wont be able to give nuthin. So as far as I am concerned (being a proclaimed "just to the right of middle" outspoken b-man), you are the man and I am in support of your stuff.

Say P, by the way and if you don't mind, can you ask Nixon for my 500 bucks back? You will likely see him before I. I sent him a check prior to the election after attending a picnic down in Columbia with a bunch of local Dem's. Yep, they got in my pocket. Since Nixon is giving us trouble, I will chalk it up to pro-active gander rally for not getting anything in return for my support during his campaign. In hindsight I suppose I wanted to make sure he knew who I was upon my disappointment--when I start my pontification process against his regime for the pulling of support for the Tour--(I knew this would be the case someday). Ain't nuthin like a poor return on investment to kick start the rhetoric. Game on. P, thanks a bunch for your efforts and please know that it does not go unnoticed.

Have you ever seen a fitter group of women? I thought I was taking a yoga class at first sight but spotted the bar in the corner and went to rub elbows with the beer drinkers. There I saw Joe Hill about as fit as he has ever been, another outstanding member of the active living community.

Yep, it was a very inspiring evening and we plan to do so much more with Trailnet. As I stood there in the dark, (because the lights were broken or something) I looked around the room and reflected on my own journey. Enhanced by a cross section of folks in the room whom I admire greatly. Mike Weiss is one of those guys that you get the feeling that you just have to go with, as are the rest of his cronies. He gets it, and so do I. So do Ann and David, the other donors in the room, the award winners, the friends and families of everyone there, the fans at the Tour of Missouri and the communities committed to changing the paradigm of our condition. These are the tribe members and we are growing in numbers. Becoming more powerful, more influential and more loyal to the cause. There is something building here and it is going to change the world. Ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.


catherine said...

Very well said, Ralph!!

Ann M said...

What a great read, Ralph; glad you enjoyed the evening! Looking forward to more adventures w/ Pfoodman! Thanks for all you do.

Jim said...

"First, I am so not turning my car on today."

Why just "today?" You live, what, 4 miles from work. Forget the rukus, put some fenders and a rack on an old bike and make a true green, human powered vehicle.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Blues dude, the ruckas is for style and to get the admiration of the ladies. I am not complete without a daily ride on that darned thing. As for the commuting, I do whenever possible, I think Fridays from now on for sure.

David L. said...

Thanks for the supportive words Ralph! You made my morning.