Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now then...

So let's talk about the Internet and the types of things that chap us. This just three hours before I go to a social networking seminar in an entrepreneurial group out here in sunny Tucson AZ. Yes, I am in Tucson and getting ready to head out the door for a trail run prior to learning what we have just experienced in the arena of social and Internet media. Btw, I love trail running in AZ, used to do it in Phoenix when my dad lived up there. Seems like a long time ago. They have some Giants MTB's down at the front door, and I brought some bibbs, tempting.

Anyway, I loaded up the small coffee maker in my room. The room is really quite excellent, and two cups appeared before I was done with the shower. I sat down at the computer.... and day-amn doad... a bunch of messages from friends who think I might have gone over the edge or something with the coffee review from "The Chief". I won't lie, it chapped me pretty good. Not because it was crap, he actually has a good point or two in there. I know this. But because of the way it was used and the medium by which it was put out there, under alias, with profanity and without accuracy. He used my logo, my name, my imagery from my lifestyle and the world I live in. He referenced my lively hood, my other businesses, my vendors, my employees. All with the use of profanity and filamentary and incorrect commentary.

Now, I am not one to sit up at night scanning google and/or massaging the spiders that search and seek the net. This was sent to me from a friend and the friend was concerned that it was somebody who knew me and that it had been written with a hidden agenda. But I did find this article after googling my name, along with all the rhetoric. So my point is this. Who is held accountable when this happens? Now, granted, The Chief came to his senses and took the logo down. This was likely the right thing to do. But it was the wrong thing to do to write the piece without signing his name and the wrong thing to do to assume that he carries an ounce of credibility based on the premise of his site in general. My name will be associated with the word "Shity Cafe in West County", as referenced in the title. I don't think that works for me.

So my personal liberties were violated, call it what you want. Regardless of the quality of the food that night, regardless of his experience and whatever he compares it to. There is absolutely no reason why I should have to put up with this, and I should not see a google search with profanity next to my name or in relationship to the business in the community where I live. There is more to this story. But I cannot reveal it. Just know that I remain "out", exposed and authentic in relationship to the things I do and the methods that I communicate. Retorts can be quite fun and I actually enjoyed the experience. Is it to be taken all that serious, really? Hey, I am certainly not one to back down or turn the other cheek when faced with personal attack.

I am sorry for giving anyone the impression that I am not concerned about the problems that the writer had while visiting. The first three weeks were a bit of a challenge. And so is each and every day since. And don't anyone say what has already been said a hundred times. "aren't you too old for this?" Anyway, thanks for reading, as always. I remain as stable yet as cantankerous as ever.


Jim said...

Ego, dude. It's a bad thing. You felt your world, your lively hood, in fact, your ego was attacked and you reacted. Ego is bad, m'kay. Learn to do without and set yourself free. You know my life has been thru a major crisis over the last few years. I was stressed out and thinking about ending my life. Then, I got into philosophy and Eastern things. I learned to set my ego free and not be a slave to it. My life is still the pits, but I'm generally a happy camper and don't give a flying phuck what anyone thinks of me. Nothing matters. Life goes on. Your life is what YOU make of it. Don't let some jackass mold you into some paradigm. Let the whole subject go. Don't let it consume anymore of your time, your thought, your emotion. Pick up that Stratotone I sold you (you better have it tuned to open G still!!!), put a slide on your finger, close out your mind and express your emotions that way. M'kay???

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Jim, you nailed it dude. Thanks for the wisdom.

But it wasnt out of ego. It was out of the need to provide perspective, what the Ralph Account does. I needed to express my opinion and questioned his motive. I also had a little fun. You know I do this stuff and have been doing it (writing, advocacy and perspective) for quite a few years. It is interesting to me and I don't worry too much if people laugh or call me whatever. Yes, I have a business, no I do not think it will suffer because I am not your average businessman. In fact, I plan on expanding my perspective in the years to come in order to draw attention to other things that I find need perspective. And with that will come more...reaction. I have integrity the way I do it. Sites like Ultimate Idiot get what they deserve.

You should have met my dad. He could knock a buzzard off a shiat wagon with his antics. I learned from the best. I was proud of him when he died. His name was the same as mine.

herekittykitty said...

Rock on with the shout out to Dad. The apples don't fall far from that tree, myself included. Can you sat quircky and eccentric? I'll proudly wear that label as well as the Pfremmer name.