Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lone Wolf yourself

I had the pleasure of sitting and watching one of my employees working today, this while sitting in the Blackhawk Room at Lone Wolf Coffee Company, 15480 Clayton Road. One can sit and watch a multitude of people coming and going throughout the day. The place is quite cozy, this morning in particular because it was raining and the entire day looked to be a wash out, that which would provide a dismal outlook in regard to getting any exercise or moving around the city comfortably to see clients. So I am blowing it off, all of it, and plan on sitting here watching and writing, greeting, talking sh$%t and drinking Full Moon roast.

Nope, today would be the day that I can chill out on my perch, next to my stage and guitars, my wooden Indians, my bikes, my kayaks and all the stuff about me and my friends, all my cool stuff that has found its way from my basement and garage and now in to the cafe, all my pictures of cool people doing cool things. That is what this place is about. I was in heaven and looking forward to letting the day go by just as it should, whatever comes, does (insert sipping sound here).

Then the friggin Internet went out! GADAMIT! --and a line formed at the register where patrons would soon be digging for debit and credit cards to pay for their food and beverage. "No can do" said the cashier to one of the regulars. She also added: "The Internet is out and...psst, you want to see something funny?--that dude sitting over there in the Blackhawk room?--you want to see something really funny?--watch him slam the screen down on his laptop".

It was around then that I looked up and saw the staff-a-slappin their knees in laughter at me.

I like this place, it's fun what we have created, the community likes it too. Our efforts to open our core business, Pfoodman, to the community is somewhat unique and certainly in fashion with what has turned in to a vibrant place for networking and inspiration. Lone Wolf Coffee Company continues to evolve and there are things in the works that will blow your mind in the future.

Here is a question that I have to field from time to time:

"Hey Ralph, what is this I hear about you changing the name of Lone Wolf Coffee Company? We know you like that name and that it has huge meaning to the community in which it resides--the fact that Lone Wolf is the name of the trail overlooking the Meremac River at Castelwood State Park in Ballwin--that Lone Wolf is who you had a little talking to when you were a pushing your friggin bike up that hill on lap number three in the beginner 30+ fat old guy class as a smoker and an overweight pig--Ralph, you can't let that name go, it is we who are counting on you to make sure our voice is heard, that your work will not go un-noticed in the bigger picture. We are counting on you you skinny sombitch. You are truly a lot better looking and quite miraculous now that you have found fitness and experienced that which the Lone Wolf gifted you".

My answer to everyone is to stay tuned. Great things are planned.

I remain, Ralph Pfremmer, proprietor, Lone Wolf Coffee Company L.L.C.


Boz said...

Let's get busy with this great stuff!

Dave Ploch said...

Ralph, your writing continues to entertain. I only wish we lived closer to LW so that we could make it a regular stop.

Good luck,


Dan said...

Ralph, first time at Lone Wolf today. Great place...amazing prices on breakfast stuff, good coffee, and fantastic decor. Too bad we live in Columbia and when in st louis, hardly ever head out to Ballwin.
Best of luck!

CockPuncher said...

Ralph, should you actually wish to rename Lone Wolf, might I suggest "Three Wolf Moon?"

Lator....See you at BURNIN'

herekittykitty said...

HAHA. I enjoyed this post. You nailed it about your employee snickerin as you slammed your notebook closed. I could see it so clearly. Go@#$$*&!