Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vy Summit Wapiti Event

The homestead seen from the Scramble Summit in Tucson AZ

Chet Holden at the Scramble Summit, savor that feeling my brotha, you rocked!
45 people attended the hike, 20 participated in the Summit Scramble

Wapiti Adventures teamed up with the immensely popular entrepreneurial group, Vy, to handle the "active living" component of the 4 day retreat and conference in Tucson AZ. Aimed towards achieving a higher level of performance, Vy members gathered to share resources listen to speakers and network amongst some of the top business owners in the country.

Wapiti pro Staff Kevin Miquelon and scramble expert, Ralph Pfremmer, led the group on a 5 mile hike in to the desert with professional guide Bruce Corey of "Canyon Tough" out of Scottsdale AZ. Hikers learned about the dessert wildlife and fauna, then retreated to the "homestead" for reflection and meditation. Later, the summit scramble challenged those who wanted to "team climb" ridges with over 500 feet of vertical gain. All made it to the top, all made it to the bottom safely.


Anonymous said...

Is that the JW Marriot Starr Pass? It is a swank place.


Ralph Pfremmer said...

Yep. It is swank. A quick story. Strategically placed near the foothills, away from any other merchants. Each day around 5:00 the group would retreat to the patio where the Havalina's would come out to feed around dusk. The staff would let them come in, then chase them off. There must have been 50 of those porkers out there at once. Anyway, the entrepreneurs would take turns buying glasses of wine for each other and putting it on their room tab. Only to find out later how expensive it was. 17 bucks for a glass of Pinot, friend Steve loved the VSOP until the 33 dollar bowling ball came...I am taking a second job.