Saturday, January 23, 2010

MR340 will cause pain, guaranteed!

The race is actually the 5th annual and it is July 27th, 2010

Well lets just say that I am under the opinion that I am in over my head. Pun intended. I have signed up for and have (in the works) procured a vessel to compete in the MR340, a race from Kansas City to St. Charles MO, in a (human powered) boat on the Missouri River. No I will not be piloting the Surfski that has found a home at Lone Wolf Coffee Company. It is indeed pretty neat to look at. But that damn boat makes my back hurt just looking at it. Plus, I am not of the opinion that the solo class is a good one for me on the virgin go. And I have never paddled that boat, and barely any other for that matter.

Sure, I have done a couple adventure races and have been a competitive cyclist for going on 12 years now. Sure I have a high tolerance to pain, yes I have the mental toughness to make it happen. But this is really stupid stuff. I am so in.

I have elected to use a Hobie Mirage Adventure Boat and will be in the peddlers class. Which means that in addition to paddling, I will use the boats unique "mirage drive" peddles. This will take advantage of my "bike fitness" and allow for an interesting class to develop as part of this awesome race.

Currently there are only three of us signed up for the peddlers class. Fellow cyclist Chris Ploch, badass, Off Road State Champion, veteran of MR340 and overall guru of outdoor stuff is one that I will count on to keep me going. The other is a gentlemen by the name of Shea Bergman, also a competitive cyclist out of Roaland Park Kansas. Shea is piloting a boat by Hydrocycle, endorsed by non other than John "the Babe Ruth of Cycling" Howard. John set the land speed record on a bicycle, has multiple records and achievement in professional cycling and is an Olympian. He is also an acquaintance through some of Pfoodman's Network, so it will be interesting to see how this works out. Chris and I will both banner the Alpine Shop and their support of our pain train.

I will keep you all posted. I start training Monday and will likely catalog a bunch of the mental and physical challenges as the race date nears. I will also continue to race mountain bikes this year for our new team Bigshark/Pfoodman (sharkpfood). We have a hefty calendar and things are looking pretty cool for next season. As soon as I get my ass in gear for the training.


cploch said...

next year i will get a surfski and we will do this

Ralph Pfremmer said...

That was pretty cool. More interval than I might have expected in the rips. There is another surfski around. I will check in to it. I am going to take mine to creve courer as soon as the weather breaks.