Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Real Deal: Mackal Smith

Meet Mackal Smith at just over 440 pounds.

I haven't known Mackal long but I feel like I know him pretty good. I met him because, when we first moved our offices from the Barn at Lucerne to the new space occupied by Lone Wolf Coffee Company and the Pfoodman headquarters, he was one of the first people in the place. Little did I know how inpsiring a gentlemen he would become to me. I am truly excited to share Mack's story with you.

Mack comes in about every day and eats breakfast. Since he was a big man, my first encounter with him imprinted an image that I would not forget. You see, ole Mack rides a scooter.

I remember Mack parking the 49cc scooter in a parking space next to my car around the second week of February 09. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, workout clothes, shorts and tennis shoes. He had a "thing" strapped around his arm and a big smile on his face. I am pretty sure I remembered seeing him at LW before so I struck up a conversation with him. And hence would learn an thing or two about Mack.

Mack is a computer guy and travels a lot. He used to travel a whole lot "back in the day". And we all know what "back in the day" means. "Back in the day" is when we didn't worry much about our health, our overall well being, our fitness and ability to move, feel good. Back when we thought fulfillment was another late night out on a business trip with co-workers, or another supreme entertainment quotient; the partying, indulgent meals later at night. Some of us fared better than others back then. I didn't do so well myself and had to make changes long ago in order to save my life. It appeared that Mack was headed in that direction too.

Mack works from his house and our house (LW). And has become a regular, arriving each day in the morning in workout clothes, with that "thing" strapped around his arm, having the same breakfast, a Trailhead Temptation.

Now, I remember first impressions, and my first of Mackal Smith was that he was a large man with work out clothes riding an incredibly small scooter. I remember thinking that most folks probably give a chuckle when encountering him riding from his home at Meadowbrook Country Club to his various stops around our town. But I also knew that he was most comfortable with that, and so was his family, whom I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know too.

The little scooter that could
is the best way I can describe the image of Mack coming and going. I found myself looking for him (the scooter) each day in the parking lot. He was always wearing the same thing, routine was a big thing for Mack, I could tell. During the spring he continued to roll in, scooter parked in the same place. I finally decided to roll up and ask him what his story was. I had to find out what gives?

I said: "who are you?"

I had to know, there was a confidence that I recognized...and I needed to figure out what it was. There was an "I don't care because I am centered, focused and comfortable with who I am" attitude about Mack. One usually acquires this attitude after accomplishing something great and I would later find out that Mack was well on his way to doing that.

We shook hands and moved from pleasantries to opinion; the natural progression of people talking to one another when holding dome lid cups of premium coffee. It wasn't hard to ask about the scooter, because I ride my Ruckas to and from work too and get the occasional look as if I am a clown looking for a parade. Nope, it seemed we had something else in common.

Mack says: "Today is an important day".

I said: "What is it, a new job? --a new more powerful scooter.....ha?"

Mack says: "Today I reached one of my goals--losing 125 pounds!"

I stood silent for a moment, measuring Mack up a bit. I looked at the thing on his arm and noticed that it wasn't a cd player or an MP3, rather a calorie counter called a BodyBugg and it counts calories in and calories burned. Read how this device helped Mack on his journey. It is absolutely incredible.

What I find most interesting is the following excerpt from his testimonial on the My Apex site which provides the coaching for the weight loss.

"I had considered gastric bypass surgery for almost 2 years, and I finally made up my mind that this was the only answer for me. I truly believed I had some kind of medical condition or genetic inheritance that simply would not allow me to lose the weight without something like radical surgery."

"During the orientation, I came to understand that the surgery would permanently alter the way my body processed nutrients. It would be very difficult for me to get enough protein in my diet and it would mean that for the rest of my life I would be required to take supplements. I also discovered that if I went back to my old eating habits, there was every possibility that my weight would come back. This news was devastating to me."

So Mack bailed on the surgery and embarked on a journey that has given his life back. Not through pills, fad diets or surgery, through lifestyle change and re-invention. Mack proudly wears his workout clothes and rides that little scooter to tell the world who he is. I am so honored to have met him and able to share his story. I am touched by his generosity, telling his story and hanging at Lone Wolf.

Mack is a musician too, heads up our Lone Wolf Coffee Jam, playing mandolin, harmonica and guitar. His whole family comes in and gets in to it. All of them are musicians.

By the way, Mack no longer takes insulin for his diabetic condition. And as of Friday, has reduced his body fat index to less than 26 percent, the official obesity benchmark. Mack is no longer obese and/or considered obese by the world and has done it the right way. ISN'T THAT FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!

I am honored to have been able to see him progress and consider Mack to be one of the true hero's of our community. Mackal Smith, the real deal....Ifyouknowhatimtalkingbout!

Congratulations Mack!

The real deal, Mackal Smith Before and After


Anonymous said...

This is really great!!!! Congrats Mac!!!

Trail Monster said...

Congratulations Mac!

I'll bet soon the scooter will be replaced with a sweet single speed commuter.

Cheryl Hughey said...

Cooooooool stuff! Go, Mac, go!