Wednesday, February 10, 2010

David Siteman Garland Rises to the Top

It isn't often that one stumbles across someone who you just know will do something great someday. It should be that when we do stumble upon said greatness, we should immediately recognize it for what it is and begin the process of chronicling the "how he did it" process in order to spread the word and help others.

David Siteman Garland is well on his way to being great and uses his unique online entrepreneurial web source The Rise To the Top, as a chronicling for engaging, stimulating and motivating young entrepreneurs to be the best they can be. Bravo David. You keep this stuff up.

I encountered David a couple years ago after receiving an "eblast" email with a Youtube video attached. The Bald Guy and I went and met him at the now shuttered Companion Bakery and Cafe in the Central West End. Prior to that I watched an episode of "Rises", his online motivational online episode and thought two things. First, this dude is seriously full of piss and vinegar. Second, he has a passion about him that is likely going to change the world. I skimmed his website and found myself asking the question, how? As in, how does he make money? I noticed that he had a couple sponsors and that his site looked like a work in progress. I asked myself how does one make a business out of promoting entreprenuership? He seemed to be moving forward in a way that I recognized and could relate--that passion was driving message, and message was driving emergence. It was genuine Guy Kawasaki bootstrap goodness sprinkled with some very forward social media marketing content.

That is why I want to share this dude with you guys. David Siteman Garland is well on his way to the top and I would bet money that you will find him on the national stage someday. Don't miss out on his early years. Check out the interview with Author of Purple Cow and Tribes, Seth Godin. And seek to attend his events soon.


David Siteman Garland said...

Ralph - This is WAY too kind and made my day.

Thanks so much for the very nice words and would be happy to share sometime how we monetize. A little outside the box :)

Keep up the fantastic work.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

You might want to make sure the data is correct. I suck at details. Outside the box is where we live.