Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nutriformance Frontenac Hybrid for Feb

Ploch had this on his site and I stole it because it gives a pretty good indication of the type of pain that I have endured the past couple weeks. While I am starting to come around. The neck is a bit bothersome. As I told the youngin the other day, the body has no mercy when getting older. You can think young, do young if you are fit, but the pain messaging is there. You feel the old injuries during the buildup process, also when you quit working out all together.

So this was the case after the cross season. I didn't train at all other than at the dinner table for 6 weeks and I felt every bit of it. This with the lack of mobility and from the new build up that I am experiencing at the Nutriformance. Hats off to Amy Strahan, Dale Huff and the rest of the staff for putting together an exciting way to train and maximise potential.

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