Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stuckey's and Jimmyleg Web Works

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Kind of flattered that the blog has gotten so many hits on the Grandpa and Tripper piece. Not sure the count, but it was well over a couple hundred. I am almost to the point where I am considering upgrading the entire blog to an all out website where I can divide things up a bit. My sister told me she wanted nothing to do with the political rants, so Kathryn, just so you know, I am listening. Now go back to your mending the sick and taking care of Silent D, whom, btw, needs to come back to flatbelly status, soon.

Other comments were that you (readers of The Ralph Account) wanted more information on Business Etiquette. Or was it the stories of clients of mine who threw a lot of money around and then got thrown in jail? Word, I don't like talking bad about the past, rather enrich the future with what was learned. I hope Jim Gibson gets the opportunity to redeem himself someday. I am fairly certain he won't be out for a while. He was the guy who fled to Argentina from the fed for using his clients funds to finance the purchase of the National Food Market Chain, that subsequently went down the drain. I see this as no higher magnitude than forgetting to call my sister on her birthday. {we cool now?}

Back to the blog, I am thinking we need something more significant with sections, topics separated in to that which can be easily navigated. I can have agenda on goofy stuff that makes me laugh, serious stuff like politics and conformity, stupid stuff like anyone hiding behind a troll website taking potshots at those who remain "out" and authentic. I need a photo area with photos that only show me with hair. I need a links list to only the cool sites with blogs that are kept current.

What I should really do is have (Grandmaster Geezer) Krewet cut down the rest of the trees in his yard to build more furniture for Lone Wolf Coffee Company. If you guys have not seen what he has done, come and take a look. Btw, a second location is rumored to be in the works. Paul, get your friggin chainsaw out and start in on your next door neighbors shade tree. We are gonna have to have it. If anyone wants to purchase any of the wood furniture at Lone Wolf, it is indeed for sale. Call Paul at 314-504-6726. Check out the new magazine rack that he builded so purty (wiping eyes).

Nope, I am thinking sponsorships for this new site, raise money, make t-shirts, have an online store; all things about Ralph and his readers. I can do hats, I love hats, guitars, Cornbread loves to trash guitars and probably other things. CD's, I collect CD's of "community talent" and pass them over to Cornbread for review, we can do a thing on that.

Hey, did I mention that my family and I are big fans of Stuckey's? I love Stuckey's Pecan Log Rolls and those Fruitcakes!!! They should have a warning on them that says, "if you hit somebody in the head with this fruitcake it will kill them". The things weigh a good 2 and a half pounds and fit in your hand like a club. THERE IS NO BETTER FRUITCAKE THAN STUCKEY'S FRUITCAKE, y' hear?

Speaking of food products that you buy for people and they never get eht...I did a good deed last night and called a chick up to the stage, she was pregnant, ahem, real pregnant, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout. Since she stayed and rocked to Jimmyleg and the BDBB the entire night, as preg as she was, she got the pecan roll as a salute to her perseverance. Her hubby was bellowing up quite often and, well, there is something great about a woman who lets her man belly up while pregnant in a music venue, word.

Also, in an incredible gesture on behalf of the BDBB, I am in the midst of negotiating a commemorative, "I am a fan of Stuckey's and the BDBB" gig. Sure to be a hit. I may hand out Stuckey's T's at the next gig, more later.

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herekittykitty said...

I suppose we are cool now that you have beeen properly chastised and beaten with the Kat o nine tails.