Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to the new Party Town

Each morning I leave the bedroom and go downstairs to the basement where I sit and drink coffee and think about what might stimulate the head enough to start typing. I surf the net for stuff to think and write about. I get my news the way I want it and follow my instincts in regard to what I want to take in and what I want to avoid. I am most particular this way. I don't often read the common media, (CNN, FOX, Major Networks, Newspapers etc) all slanted in their opinion and influence. I read blogs and social networking pulp that I can evaluate through my own process. This is the way we will continue to seek quality information in the future, if you didn't already know this.

I like intuitive opinion and seek to find credibility and authenticity through the sinuous fabric of social media. If the writer is of my same "political" genre, I will skim the stuff until I freeze up like a hard drive, at best. I still don't have much patience to read all that much, video and streaming programs have changed that for those needing a different means of input. That said, I find my writing to be a little too long winded as well. I am working on it. But I am also writing a book, and you guys are a part of it.

Ok, I mention political genre because I don't find value or feel the need to give much credence to the ongoing, boring, everyday positioning of our current two party system, as most reported on by the common media for reasons of their own agenda. Let's face it, the contrasts of the Democrat and Republican party are not all that divided if you change the perspective to that which Government and Business become the focus of the contrast. Government has become one party controlled by both the right and left, Demorcrats and Republicans; the system advocated by both parties so the game stays the same and the people in charge retain power. Without the current system, neither party would be able to compete. They want the rules to stay the same. Why encourage a two party system to change, just jump sides? That way they can control and/or gridlock the government appropriately. There has been little outside influence to threaten the power of those in either party. Sure, Ross Perot tipped the Republican ticket upside down with his influence, but that didn't really do much for the system.

The fact that there is a due process in our governement is moot when the focus is on the system and how it is coveted by the Democrat and Republican influence, "the way its always been" and "the way it needs to stay for us to control". It is time to change the system. They, the two party system; the Government the way it functions today, are one party and we, the business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs are the other. The current political spectrum is not all encompassing.

I have been consumed a bit as of late. I got a twitter account, beefed up the blog and have an expert coming in on Tuesday to take it multi regional. I am doing more research and find myself expressing myself on a different level lately. I have been connecting to those who share similar opinion, others who express themselves, others of the same "political genre", others with a zest for life and the feeling that fulfillment comes from changing the world. Being a dot connector, I often don't know what the outcome of my journey will be; where God wants to take me, where karma lands me, where intuition, angels, callings, magic, voodoo, martians, love, mother earth or whatever....wants me to go (did I cover all of it?) But I do know that I have a responsibility to use my gifts in a way that will inspire others to make the world a better place.

10:00 AM Ride at Lone Wolf... gotta git.

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