Thursday, March 18, 2010

Parker "Batman" Cohen's Angel

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This is Parker Cohen. He is a bud and fellow Harmonica player. I like ole Parker and he just
had his 6th birthday. So happy birthday dude. This photo is just plain art.

The whole music thing has transformed my life a bit, the BDBB is gaining in popularity, and who'd a thunk? We are playing a couple outdoor gigs this summer and the calls are coming in just about daily for talent wanting to play at (Lone Wolf). We are busy at night! I just cannot explain how much I have grown from this experience.
I was talking to Jim and Wendy Davis, the Trailmonsters, last night during our break, and we agreed on something... You have to make your life "art". Every day is a flick of the paint brush. The canvass being the time you spend in the day impacting the lives of others. I am really glad to have gotten to know these two. Wendy keeps ole Jim in line like my wife Janie does me. Today is my 21st anniversary and I am pretty darned proud of that. Jim and Wendy seem to offer a wisdom of how to keep it together. So good to see the three year old enjoying some Jimmy Reed, btw.

People like Parker Cohen, Jim and Wendy and a slew of others are a reward to anyone expressing themselves, a bi product of art doled out by expression. Put art in your life and bring around the good spirits, positive energy, Angels... I can spot these things from a mile away. Jim and Wendy are on a journey, I can feel their art. It is relevant somehow in the scheme of things. If you have not met the Trailmonsters, I suggest you do this soon. Something special there.

Parker lost his mom recently. Lisa was only 39 years old. It goes without saying that there is some serious sunshine reigning down on his world. You can see it too, can't you?
Thanks Peter for Sharing this with us. Thanks Trailmonsters for your friendship.


Cheryl Hughey Promotions said...

Good stuff...keep on playing.

Trail Monster said...

PS...That picture of Parker Cohen should be framed.

Trail Monster said...

Thanks for the kind words Ralph. We are just painters. As music continues to transform your life, I think you can see what the BDBB is doing for those around you. A homegrown blend of good spills out of the back room every time the band of friends takes the stage. We are not all the best at making harmonica's sing, guitars stretch a chord, or even keep the beat of the drums, but what we all do together sure makes a difference to all those around us.
Watching the crowds start to fill the TLWCC for band practice is a sure sign of a good thing going down. Just keep grabbing the proverbial paint brush and taking strokes at life's big ol' canvas.

Trail Monster motto: "If you can't enjoy doing things with your family, well then you probably need to step back and take stock in what "it" is that you are doing."

Thanks for keeping it real.