Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to the MR340 Training

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Well, the last couple days have indeed been eventful. The Geezer and I Ranched it on Saturday, a perimeter bushwacking of the joint, now I have poison ivy for three. We had a good time, ended up with a decent burn for the day, the first hot day of the year, this, after a week and a half off the bike since the Greensfelder race. It never happens on purpose, the lightening of training after a race. Next thing you know a week has passed and everything that we have gained from the race is gone until you build up a painful ride or two. I was able to do a fairly decent cool down Monday and Tuesday but missed the Rhett's Run mud debacle and the benefit of the fitness from that race. The weather sucked and I got no riding in all week, not cool.

I do hope somebody picks up the Rhett's Run race, now that Dan Clinkenbeard is done with it. It was muddy and I decided not to go when all of my teamates bailed on me, and those who were scheduled to ride with me and also lame ass excused themselves from the mess. I am happy that I didn't trash the bike, but always love competing in Columbia.

On Sunday we went to Middle Fork and did the non-race, well we poached it because I didn't know that it was a race, or a non-race or a group ride or whatever. Regardless, the Seagal guys are a hoot and without them I would have been in trouble. Middle Fork is an advanced course for Mountain Bikers. The loop is 38 miles and there are lots of hills and descents. It ain't for beginners and it ain't for somebody who doesn't know how to deal with adversity. Because I flatted twice and snapped my seat post. Had there not been a checkpoint at the 17 mile mark, I would have been in deep shiat. Only the best riders show at MF. I caught a ride with Matt back to the finish and watched as the heat ripped everyone from their dignity. I actually got a pretty good workout, as well as Monday with a four hour mountain bike around Chesterfield and Ballwin, no car for a day, gig that I decided to do.

Today CP and I jumped in the Hobies and did a pretty decent 30 miler down the Meramec that yielded a little pain in preparation for the MR340. Just past the Big River the current stopped and we lake pumped it to the finish in 4/5 hours. On the Missouri River we can average 8.7, today was in the low 7's, high 6's. Not good, but a good workout. I am sun burnt like a dried piece of shrivel.

It was a great day, just look at the tan lines created.

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