Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glascow to Rocheport (Training for the MR340)

Well, the 8 hour trip turned in to 5 for us because we got on the river a little later than expected. Folks, just so you know, the logistics of doing the big river require planning and even if it is detailed prior, down to the minute, you will still have delays. We left Chesterfield at 5:30 and didn't really launch until 9:00. If I was going to be home by 5:00 PM, it would be close. I wasn't and we missed the party....

Above, Bad-ass MTBR Loreen and paddle partner (forget name but she is bad-ass) meet up at our checkpoint after Chris and I put a gap on them on the first 4 hours. This is just past the Booneville Bridge. These girls did very well and were fresh both then and later at Rocheport. Leaving again when we were packing up, into the dark.

I am a bit impatient, I know this. I was ready to roll first, always.

Leaving the Put In at Glascow, the Mirage Drives are an advantage to paddles. Just are.

Again, waiting for the others to get their feet wet and get on with it. Lets GO-Oh!

Look how big the tandem is, holy cow!

I like this photo, small specks just appear and then we roll in for lunch, and it better be ready! Yes, I said that. Pushing big gear here folks, have the friggin food ready to inject. Just sayin.
Averaged a little over 8 miles an hour on this stretch, but I found this area to be slower than the Washington to St. Charles Route. Next up, Jeff City to St Charles. In the dark.
Thanks Laura for Sagging us. Thanks to the Bad-A chicks for one upping us by going on when we had to bail. First to Patricia's IGA in Columbia for an assortment of malt beverage by our O-Sport beer sponsor, Offalon Brewery. Thanks to Alpine Shop too, our main sponsor and gear supply.
Thanks to Chris Ploch for bailing with me to get back to the party that I didn't make. We will get the thing done next time.
Regardless, it was a 42 mile in 5 hour event. Not bad. Need to get an all day in my legs.
The legs felt good after this one. So good that on Monday we did a 45 mile MTB (trifecta) at a fairly brisk pace. The fitness is comin round. The two O-Sport events for this year are the State Mountain Bike Championship on June 12th and the MR340 July 17th. The Dirt Crits are sandwiched in between, every Thursday in July. Toss in a couple endurance MTB races throughout the summer and take me to Cyclo Cross Season in October. I think it will be a good year barring no injuries.
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