Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Assorted Blither

This is me in the morning. Note that the paddle is affixed to the boat. We don't use them. Only for mooring and taking off. Note my feet, in clip less pedals on the Mirage drive. We sit and pump for hours on end. It is a real exciting thing. We sat in this position for 7.5 hours last Sunday, in an effort to knock out our 70 miler. We got a 120 coming up next. Should take 13 hours and yes, I will be getting out of the boat. This is the last picture of me wearing cycling shammy. That is all that I will say about that.
This is Shelley, Pfoodman's landlord and keeper of all things crass. Shelley owns Corporate ID,
a promotional marketing an apparel company. She was kind enough to rent temporary office space to Pfoodman while we built our new corporate offices. Shelley is...well, the hat pretty well sums it up.... This is Chris Ploch, the youngster whom I have been training with for the MR340. The MR340 is a 340 mile self propelled boat race from Kansas City to St. Charles MO, on the Missouri River. We are using boats equipped with pedal drives. So we are cyclists using our skills to propel our vessels in the way that we are accustomed. Chris demonstrates here how the night lights will affix to the craft. We will be going at night in order to get as close to 50 hours finish time.

This is a hot dog that my daughters boyfriend, David, brought me from a restaurant nearby. Not so sure why it was a hot dog, it doesn't really look like one, with dried cheese and crusty bun. He thought it important to alert me to how bad a restaurant can miss the mark when putting out quality food. It sits in the refrigerator, and will till Saturday morning clean out.
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herekittykitty said...

funny how the bike chamois doesnt quite do the job on the boat seat. Can you say friction? Ouch!