Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Year; New Ensemble of Characters

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The Dirt Crits are set to start and there are already rumors flying about who will be on, who will be off, who will be sandbagging, which woman will shred a mans legs, who breaks their foot doing a Pabst hand up for a team mate, who's wife will be pissed because she is counting the beers on a Thursday night, who's kid was injured again and couldn't race, who can't race because yet another set of twins came out...

Word, I can tell you this, it will be epic fun and competitive for all ages and abilities. We have plenty of everything. I was talking to the intern today, after shredding him on the course for good humor. I said, "hey intern Dave, here is what you need to do: bring a friend out and shred him so you can look like a super star in front of your chick?" I told him this last year. So guess what?-- now his chick is racing this year (my daughter Natalie). This chick is so girly girl I can't even imagine such a thing. We may need a pedicure sponsor, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

So this is the deal, bring a newbie with you and look like a rockstar in lycra. Bring them out to see what we got going on each Thursday night at Castlewood State Park. The A race starts at 6:00, fast and furious, B race at 7:00, fast and gentler, C race at 7:30, fast and safe. Good fit fun.

Bring grandpa, your sister, your chick, your boy, your grandma. Bring your old bikes, your tandems, your POS stingray with a sissy bar for all I care. But be ready to race.

Registration starts at 5:00.


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