Saturday, July 3, 2010

What about Bob? (Baton Bob)

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I can't seem to let the image of Baton Bob go. Not since nearly running in to him while riding my bike in Forest Park some years ago. I keep the photo that I shot of him so I can provide an image to my readers of the goofy nature of things, that which shouldn't be taken too seriously, that which encourages people to get a "learn on" about self expression, regardless of how offensive you might find it to be, blah, blah, blah. You see, my Utopian community languishes in stuff like that. So when you look at somebody doing something goofy and it makes you smile or laugh, well, ask yourself if you are doing your part. Start today by finding just the right self expression to make your fellow human being brighten up.

So, today, while searching through my photo archives I found the photo that I took and displayed last week in reference to Jim Davis and the (still standing) one hundred dollar bounty for him to race in a cheerleading kit. I did a little research. Again, regardless of your taste in expression, the dude is a hundred percent authentic and St. Louis lost one of the people in our community who certainly makes life more interesting.

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