Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday night blues fix

Alvin Jett at Hammerstones in Soulard

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Alvin Jett is on top right now, and rightfully so, based on his performance at Hammerstones down in Soulard Saturday night and recently winning the 2010 RFT Award for Best Blues Artist/Band.

After dinner at Duff's in the West End, it was necessary to seek out Alvin to get him to come out to Lone Wolf to play a couple shows, and it was easy to find him thanks to the help of This bad-A website and blues guide that helps people find the music that St. Louis is noted for.

Alvin plays the kind of blues that slaps you up, sudden, pulsating, drivin with constant energy. You look around and see everyone in the place bobbing their head and thinking the same thing: Damn! that dude can play.

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